Banbury May 2015

Banbury Triathlon Race Report


I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone at ‘Never Second’ and all the marshals that helped out at Banbury Triathlon for their amazing commitment and help on Sunday. Also, thanks to all the members of Team Cherwell who gave me so much support at our home event.


I arrived Sunday morning at Banbury open air pool feeling confident and strong for the up coming event. I know the course like the back of my hand as I swim regularly at the pool, the bike course goes right past my house and I have ran the run route on the way to swimming many times. I set up my transition and did the usual run through to make sure that I was confident that I knew where everything was. My mum plaited my hair as I sat and relaxed before the race.


After cheering on my dad who was taking part within a relay team on the bike leg, I set off for a run with my good friend Gregor. After the warm up I sorted out the last few things before heading poolside. I was the last female off and one of the last overall, so I used this as motivation to catch up the females in front of me. I got into the pool and allowed my body to regulate to the slightly cold water before I was sent off 30 seconds after the competitor ahead of me. The swim felt smooth and strong and I managed to overtake 4 people, which made me feel confident for the race.


Transition 1 was going smoothly until I got to my helmet, where I struggled for a good few seconds with the strap. I glanced up at my dad who was stood opposite cheering me on and gave him the look of, ‘oh please let this damn thing do up’! After that I was off onto the bike.


I took a good few minutes to get into the bike course but managed to find my legs just before the hardest hill on the route. I managed to overtake a few people during the bike, both male and female and encouraged them all to keep going as I did so.


Before I knew it, I was manoeuvering the roundabouts back into transition 2. I dismounted and sprinted to my racking, almost scraping my feet raw on the tarmac. Shoes on, helmet off and I was out onto the run like ‘a bat out of hell’ as my mum says.


The run felt amazing, a lot better than last years (in 2014 I had an asthma attack half way around). I was picking people off, one by one. At the halfway point I decided to push myself extremely hard to the finish. Coming back into the venue and with the finish in sight I could hear Rob Strachan on the tannoy announcing, “Here comes Rosie Weston, British champion from the mighty Team Cherwell”. This was accompanied, to my delight, by a loud cheer from the crowd, and that felt brilliant.


I was extremely happy to win not only junior female but overall female as well.


As always a big thanks to Brian Butler.