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Ravensdale, T: Understanding Salmon and Trout, London. 1972, 1st edition, coloured and black and white photos, drawings, d.w.

£ 10.00


Reeves, Peter: The Pleasure of Still Water Fly Fishing. 1998, London, first edition, 184 pages, coloured illus, black and white drawings, original dˇcor. Covers, chapters on equipment, casting, fishing the nymph, patterns, flytying etc. SPECIAL OFFER.

£ 10.00


Reiger, Geo: Profiles in Saltwater Angling, A History of the Sport - Its People and Places, Tackle and Techniques. 1973, New Jersey illus. by Roy Grinnell. 5 full page col.plts., photos, 8 page bibliography on Big Game Angling Books. Covers the early pioneers of the sport and tells of ocean anglers such as C.F. Holder, Zane Grey, Van Campen Heilner and Ernest Hemingway. 470pp, orig. two tone cloth, silver emblem on upper cover, d.w. 10"x 7".

£ 15.00


Reynolds, W.F.R: Angling Conclusions. 1947, illustrated by C.F. Tunniclife, 227pp. Original cloth binding.

£ 10.00


Rice, Freddie: Fly-Tying Illustrated for Nymphs and Lures. 1976, 1st edn, illus. by the author, 112pp, original binding.

£ 20.00


Rickards, B and Fickling, N: Zander. 1990, 2nd edition, black and white photos, 204pp, a good copy in d.w. as new. Including When, Where And How To Catch Zander; And The Inside Story Of The Zander Controversy.

£ 15.00


Rickards, B and Whitehead, Ken: Spinning And Plug Fishing. 1987, colour and black/white photos, text illustrrations, 282pp, very good in dust wrapper.

£ 15.00


Rickards, B. and Webb, R: Fishing for Big Tench. 1979, reprint, photos, drawings, 176pp, very good copy in dust wrapper.

£ 15.00


Rickards, B. and Webb, R. and Gay, M: Fishing For Big Tench. 1986, fully revised and enlarged, photos, drawings, 208pp, as new in dust wrapper. Chapters on tackle, tench, food of the tench, weather and water conditions, where and when to fish, analysis of a new water. SPECIAL OFFER

£ 5.00


Rickards, B. and Whitehead, K: Plugs and Plug Fishing. 1976, black and white photos, text illus., 165pp, d.w.

£ 15.00


Rickards, B: (Editor): The Best of Pikelines. 1989, reprint, illustrations by David Lumb, photos, 120pp, very good in dust wrapper.

£ 12.50


Rickards, Barrie and Bannister, Malcolm: The Ten Greatest Pike Anglers. 1991, First edition, photo illustrations, 103pp, including: J.W. Martin, J.Bickerdyke, R.Nobbes, etc. Good in dust wrapper.

£ 18.00


Rickards, Barrie and Gay, Martin: The Pike Angler's Manual. 1987, First edition, black and white illustrations, 72pp. Quarto. Original printed paper covers. Good example.

£ 18.00


Righyni, R.V: Advanced Salmon Fishing. 1973, 1st edn, photos, line drawings, 139pp, original black cloth binding. Contents include principles, heavy spinning, Salmon flies and resting places.

£ 20.00


Righyni, Reg: Fishing Reflections. 1995, edited by John Winter. Thoughts On Salmon, Trout and Grayling Fishing. Photo illus., 172pp., good example in dust wrapper.



Ritchie, J: The Australian Trout, Its Introduction and Acclimatisation in Victorian Waters. 1988, Melbourne, 1st edn, Ltd. to 200 copies, illus., 104 pp, d.w.,

£ 10.00


Roberts, Donald V: Fly Fishing in Still Waters. 1987, U.S.A., First edition, 74pp., coloured plates, drawings, photos, original blue leatherette binding, dust wrapper.

£ 20.00


Roberts, John: Collins Illustrated Dictionary Of Trout Flies. 1995, London, 480 fly patterns illustrated in colour, with reference to over 1000 popular fly patterns from Britain and Ireland, 226pp. Very good example in dust wrapper.

£ 15.00


Roberts, John: The New Illustrated Dictionary Of Trout Flies. 1986, London 1st edn. 433 fly patterns illustrated in colour, with reference to over 900 popular fly patterns from Britain and Ireland, 226pp. Good example in dust wrapper.

£ 18.00


Robertson, N.K: Further Thrifty Fishing. 1st printing, 11 plates, dust wrapper.

£ 10.00


Robson, Kenneth: The Essential Skues. 1998, London, first edition. 260 pages, text illustrations, black and white photos. As new in dust wrapper. This book provides "an opportunity to read the best of Skues writing from his books, articles and correspondence".

£ 10.00